The idea for Aromantis grew out of my love of the Beauty industry which I have been a part of  for more than 32 years, as well as my love of cooking. Instead of cooking and producing great food I decided to Cook and produce beautiful beauty products.

I produce handmade Natural and Organic Body Creams, Body Butters, Body Oils, Body Scrubs, Face Buffs, Face Serums, Face Creams, Eye Creams and Eye Serums.  I use Organic and fair trade raw materials which have been certified by ECOCERT to be either natural, organic or both.  My product recipes have been certified by a leading Cosmetic Chemist to declare them safe for you to use.

I trained in London with the renowned and very knowledgeable Clinical Aromatherapist, Mike Harmon, who shared some wonderful secrets of the cosmetic industry, allowing me to produce the best pure, organic, natural and vegan skincare potions and lotions for you to enjoy at home.


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